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As seen in C&T Magazine September 2015

1st September 2015

As published in the Content & Technology Magazine September/October 2015 issue;

Founded in 2004, Sydney Teleport Services (STS) is based in the Inner West Sydney suburb of Rozelle, providing satellite uplink/downlinks, MCR switching, global fibre backhaul, DTH broadcasting, encoding services, VSAT data links, whilst also operating a fleet of mobile HD SNG services.

“11 years ago Sydney Teleport was operating as a small operation with a single dish, now we have over 30 full time staff and we’ve gone from one dish to 41 dishes, along with 12 HD/SD SNG vehicles,” said Justin Burns, Manager of Business Development at STS.

“In addition to traditional teleport services, we manage the Nextgen Video Network, connecting 17 sporting venues throughout Australia back to STS. This network provides multiple video and data paths to and from the venues back to Rozelle. Here the video signals are monitored and quality checked before being switched out to the end broadcast clients, (both domestic and international).

The backbone of the domestic video network is provided by STS’s Channel Partner, Nextgen Networks, on their 18,000Km of domestic fibre, providing redundant venue connectivity and inter-capital routes”

“Recently we worked on the Cricket World Cup series providing remote production feeds for Star TV India. We were providing seven video feeds from the OB and encoding them at the grounds then delivering them to Mumbai, via our connectivity to BT Media. Additionally, we were also providing VPLS data connectivity to the venues at the same time,” explained Scott Jenkins, Managing Director. “Star TV used this data circuit for remotely controlling the analytics equipment at the venues from Mumbai to incorporate this into their own unique production alongside the multiple video feeds.”

Nine of the Cricket World Cup finals were transmitted in 4K with an audience of approximately 1 million Star Sports subscribers who had upgraded to the new UHD service, making this the first ever live international 4K cricket transmission.

STS Master Control is manned 24/7 by a team of professionally experienced operators monitoring and controlling all video signals that pass through the facility. STS processes hundreds of hours of content a week via satellite paths, domestic connectivity and internationally on STS’s permanent global network, reaching into the US, UK, Europe, Middle East and New Zealand.

STS runs the latest version of ScheduALL for all its bookings and operations scheduling and is currently rolling out the ‘Connector’ plugin enabling integration and collaboration with other ScheduALL users, (both clients and suppliers).

An important aspect of the STS business is its agile SNG capability for sports, news, current affairs and major events or emergencies.

“Our 12 vehicles are strategically located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide,” said Jenkins. “This means that we can offer a more economical solution to our clients with less travel and quicker response times.”

“We also operate several dual antenna hybrid SNG trucks that can cover C band and Ku band simultaneously, for both video and VSAT data services,” added Andrew Rogers, Manager - Field Operations & Special Projects. “We recently supported a remote production in Kakadu National Park using one of our hybrid trucks. Here we were able to provide additional VSAT services for internet connectivity and telephony by extending the internal STS VoIP network to Kakadu for our customers, to replace the non-existent mobile service.”

Another large-scale project for Sydney Teleport is providing satellite connectivity for V8 Supercars, who often find themselves in remote areas and who require additional VSAT data services to support their OTT streams. This makes hybrid trucks incredibly beneficial and economical, which is why two STS hybrid trucks are permanently travelling with the V8’s.

With the current increase in video over IP, alongside advances in encoding technologies, bandwidth efficiencies and demands for OTT offerings we see VSAT as becoming increasingly important. This is an area that STS believes will undergo above average growth. Justin Burns stated “Opportunities are there for VSAT. It’s all becoming data driven and IP driven and we are in a position to react as these opportunities arise. We can offer fixed or mobile IP connectivity for video. We can help drive digital signage feeds. We can offer local Wi-Fi connectivity. We can integrate with the venues themselves to offer flexible connected stadium solutions and we can offer it all at a price point that works”.

Scott Jenkins concluded by stating “Beyond our technical achievements, Sydney Teleport Services is a great place to work. We empower our team to be innovative, we allow a breadth of exposure to the variety of technologies we provide to the industry and where possible we promote from within. This has seen nearly 18% of our current staff promoted into higher roles in the last few years. Our team is diverse, with experts in their fields and best of all great fun to work with! It’s the people that count in this business and we have a great team here that I’m very proud of”

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