Major Event Coverage

Live coverage of breaking news direct from the source is our business. Here are some of the standout events STS has covered.

Netball World Cup 2015

7 - 16 August 2015

Australia were hosts of the Netball World Cup 2015 and Sydney Teleport Services were requested to support the broadcast of this major event which showcases women in sport. LIVE events is what Sydney Teleport Services thrives on. With good preparation we are ready to roll when the whistle is blown!

This event allowed us to demonstrate the benefit of STS's recent merging with Nextgen to provide superior fibre capabilities. We had 3 Paths out from the venue on fibre with a SNG onsite providing circuit monitoring along with the security of a SNG backup in the unlikely event of a fibre failure.

We will have broadcasted 64 games by the end of the event.


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