VSAT satellite communication

STS is able to deploy scalable VSAT terminals, tailored to suit client requirements, offering Internet, VoIP and data services.

Sydney Teleport Services have been providing VSAT services since 2008, for maritime and land based operations.

STS is able to deploy scalable VSAT solutions tailored to specifically suit the client demand with bandwidths ranging from 256kbps to 10Mbps synchronous or asynchronous. The data protocols can be configured to provide internet, intranet, VOIP etc.

VSAT connectivity is available as a full time 24/7 lease or per hour on demand model on both long and short term contracts.

Maritime Services

For Maritime applications STS provides a preconfigured modem to be installed in the ship or vessel and to connect to an existing stabilized maritime antenna. STS can provide helpful introductions to preferred suppliers and system integrators of maritime communication equipment if required.

Land based applications

For land based applications STS provides satellite trucks, towed satellite systems or fly away kits and dishes as required to service CBD areas through to remote field operations. STS provides experienced satellite/VSAT engineers to install and maintain the communication links.

STS has a stock of fly-away VSAT solutions to respond to sudden unplanned events such as natural disasters, emergencies, news events etc, providing both video and data connectivity as required.


STS VSAT solutions cover the entire Australia/New Zealand land/sea mass and can extend to cover the Pacific Islands if required.

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