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Global Connectivity

No task is too difficult for STS.  We will tailor services to meet your specification.

Satellilte uplink access from Australia and New Zealand:

AsiaSat 5; AsiaSat 4
Intelsat 5; Intelsat 8
NSS 6 and NSS 9
Optus D1; D2
Measat 3
GE 23

Satellite downlink access in Australia and New Zealand:

AsiaSat 5; AsiaSat 3; AsiaSat 4
Intelsat 5; Intelsat 8
NSS 6 and NSS 9
Optus D1; D2

Telstar 10
Measat 3
GE 23

Fibre access to/from Australia and New Zealand

Sydney - LA (connectivity to LA switch, local Networks and Providers)
Sydney - Auckland (scheduled this year)
FiNE Network (with connectivity to US local hubs)
FiNE Network (with connectivity to UK/Eurovision local hubs)
Connectivity to local service providers in all regions

SD and HD services
MPEG2 and MPEG 4 Tandberg Encoders and Decoders
DVB S1 and S2 Modulation

  • All our equipment is fully redundant
  • UPS power and standby generator power


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